Activities & Workshops

ESL/Civics Class for Adults

Parent Workshop Mission

The goal of these workshops is to build community in a time of isolation and supply information to our parents.  Parents no longer have the social interactions and informational access that were previously associated with dropping their children off at school each day. Additionally, in our new remote system, parents are taking on huge roles in their children’s learning. Now, more than ever, parents are on the front lines, and need additional support. Muhammad Khalifa explains in his book, Culturally Responsive School Leadership, that “…school principals must lead schools with community perspectives at the center of their leadership behaviors” (Khalifa, 2018, p. 11). The goal of these workshops is to work towards becoming a more culturally responsive school that engages the community to promote a successful learning environment for all students. We strive to create a space for parents to share their successes, challenges, and build connections with other families going through similar circumstances. These workshops will also prioritize opportunities for parents to give the school their feedback, in addition to supporting any technical issues or blended learning scheduling questions they might have.